Ways to Give

Fulfilling our role as the "community's college," FSCJ's academic offerings are carefully curated to meet the highly unique needs of our students and the workforce they are being prepared to enter. We rely on partnerships with industry leaders, engaged community members, alumni and friends to secure FSCJ's position as a quality resource for all who wish to pursue higher education. Through the FSCJ Works Initiative, we aim to expand access and affordability of post-secondary education for all students, enhance programs and facilities to identify and address critical workforce needs and further our commitment to educate the private and public sector workforce of tomorrow.

There are a variety of ways that you too can support our worthy students and help our institution continue its work in providing new and innovative programming for many years to come. Select any of the FSCJ Works giving options below to learn more.


By supporting service learning and community engagement initiatives, your gift provides students with valuable hands-on learning opportunities that lead to greater adoption and application in their own lives. FSCJ's organizational mission is to enhance the community through relevant learning and what better way to do this than to step outside and learn from those around us.

 Workforce Development

FSCJ emphasizes the importance of building programming and curriculum to meet and anticipate the personnel needs in our community, resulting in highly skilled, specially trained graduates who are prepared to enter the workforce. By making a gift toward developing the workforce of tomorrow, you are creating a positive and lasting impact for future generations.


Scholarships provide the critical means for many students to elevate themselves and their future through education. Scholarship funds are awarded based on a variety of factors including financial need, volunteerism, areas of interest and academic potential. You can choose a specific scholarship to support or even opt to grow to the general scholarship fund.


A gift to BlueWave Athletics makes it possible for our promising athletes to have the best in facilities, equipment, training and conditioning while preparing their minds for the next step, wherever it may lead. You can direct your donation toward the general athletics fund or select to support one of our seven athletic teams.

 Program Enhancements

STEM (science, technology, education and mathematics) education plays a crucial role in elevating the community's position in the high-tech global economy. A gift to STEM educational programming can help lead a shift in the norm, identify solutions to the world's biggest problems and transform the way we think.